Instruction Manual for the mind – Chapter 1 Thriving and performing in strange times

In collaboration with Dr Kirsten Peterson, Performance psychologist
Tuesday, 16 June 2020 9.30 – 11.30am                         

We are all being challenged like never before by the COVID19 pandemic, the need for agile transitions to new work and family circumstances, as well as how to live with continual uncertainty. In this session, you will learn surprising truths about how high performers thrive in times like these.

We will discuss self-care – why it matters and why it’s hard, with pragmatic self-care strategies to maintain resilience. The session will also focus on compassion and kindness and why treating yourself and others, be they colleagues or family members, with these qualities impacts on happiness, mental health and the bottom line.

Dr Kirsten Peterson is a performance psychologist who after a long career working with elite athletes and as the head psychologist to the Australia Institute of Sport and as an Olympic team psychologist at 7 Olympic Games, is now drawing on the psychology of performance to work with individuals and organisations to achieve their best.