Cohort 3: February 2020 Intake

Module 1: Intros & awkward ice-breakers – 11 February 2020

As participants in the program come from across the APS and from the ACT and other state governments and from a wide variety of work functions, in the first session we spend some time getting to know each other and the government agencies involved.

We also use this Module to introduce participants to the DISC behavioural assessment instrument we use in the program, and to provide them with their individual and group results.

Module 2: The Transforming world, the public sector & designing teams – 6 March 2020

Guest discussants will introduce participants to current thinking on this era of disruption, the digital age, possible futures and implications for governments and public sectors. Project teams will form and be briefed on the task and methodologies.

Module 3: Knowing you, knowing me – May 2020

Given the COVID19 situation we are taking the program online until things return to business as usual. Module 3 has been divided into 4 shorter sessions conducted once a week and will cover understanding yourself and others, design thinking, guest speakers and project teams discussions.

Module 4: What’s Economics and Philosophy got to do with it? June 2020

This module will consider core economic concepts for the APS and their implications, the ethos and values in public sectors today and through history, and what this tells us about our purpose and conduct. Senior public sector guests will provide their insights and experiences on the role economics and philosophy play in the public sector. Project teams will continue refining their project topics and understanding the current state of play.

Module 5: How (public sector) stuff works July 2020

This module provides an understanding of those things that are integral to the life of a public servant – budget processes including the role of Portfolio Budget Statements, Annual Reports, risk management, corporate planning and integrity.  We will also discuss the role key pieces of legislation such as Public Service Acts and public sector governance and accountability Acts.

Module 6: What’s Political Science & Psychology got to do with it? August 2020

We will discuss some of the relevant learnings from political science, political psychology and political philosophy and our guests will reflect on how concepts from these areas have applied during their time in the public sector or government.

Module 7: Project Team Hackathon September 2020

Teams will present their project progress to a guest panel and their colleagues for insights and feedback in preparation for the final module – the (Whale) Shark Tank.

Module 8: Into the Whale Shark Tank: project presentations November 2020

Teams will present and discuss their projects to a group of current and previous senior public sector senior executives. Following the Presentations there will be a ‘reflections and next steps’ session.

Module 9: Tips and tricks – Managing yourself and others TBA

This module will provide practical advice and techniques for managing workloads and projects and teams. The session will also examine collaborative and stakeholder engagement approaches and methods.

Module 10: It’s not the end – it’s just the beginning TBA

Around four months after the completion of the program, the group will reconvene in their Teams to reflect on the program, and plan their performance and career goals. Our guests will share their personal insights and offer advice in a speed dating format on individual plans.