Feedback on the program

From our participants

‘The Professional Foundations Program has been an amazing experience for me so far.’‘Hearing from senior leaders about their experience … and to be able to leverage off their learning is quite unique’‘The knowledge and experience both Melanie and Jo share is invaluable, and the quality of the guest speakers is second to none.’
‘(We get) a holistic overview of the public sector, coming from … a small agency … involvement in
this course has been incredibly useful’
‘I have found the modules training to be very informative, practical and interactive (in a meaningful way, not in the shallow way many training courses do the interaction).’‘I’m now using Agile for my projects. The forced self-reflection … has such benefit if you do it honestly and frankly … it’s
becoming more of a habit’
‘The How to Shine at Interview Workshop was excellent’‘… the format of the program, the monthly session are great. I can reflect on learnings & myself and try to implement (them).’‘The exposure to cross public sector issues and great advice from the presenters has been really helpful and expanded my thinking, encouraging me to consider broader perspectives.’
‘Whilst the group project was challenging it too gave learnings and self reflection & has allowed me to see how could have handled things differently to try and get a different outcome.’‘Understanding that my reactions to situations reflects my biases and that the biases of others can be different has been a real benefit.’‘The knowledge and experience both Melanie and Jo share is invaluable, and the quality of the guest speakers is second to none.’
‘I found the relationships and what attributes each individual consisted of made the program a very interesting but also special experience. I never not liked anyone on the program.’‘I really valued hearing the learnings from the senior leaders that came to speak to us. The challenges they faced throughout their careers and how they managed adversity and came out the other side.’ ‘The 1:1 mentoring has been invaluable for me, I have gained a lot from it. It has been the nudge I have need to keep pushing my comfort zone and the instilling the confidence that I have the skills and attributes to move to the next level.’
‘(I found)Networking with other agencies, working in groups the most valuable elements of the program.’‘I have learnt and am still perfecting the art of patience and persistence in life and my career.’‘Thanks Melanie and Jo for putting so much into the program. I really enjoyed the experience!’
‘I am actively working on putting my view forward, even when it challenges the status quo. I’m beginning to realise that you just have to keep pressing on, nothing will change if you don’t suggest different views and as they saying goes just because that is the way it has always been done doesn’t make it right.’‘I have found the mentorship aspect of the program incredibly valuable. Both Melanie and Jo are really interested in and aware of the cohort’s development objectives and always work towards encouraging growth in the cohorts development. ‘‘I now think more deeply about what I want out of my career and I have implemented a plan to get there. I have also implemented some strategies to better manage my work/life balance and my personal wellbeing.’
‘The Psychological Testing has been really interesting and allowed me to take an introspective view of how I work and how that may effect those I work with.’‘The access to hear from and pick the brains of current and former APS and ACTPS executives has been incredibly insightful, in particular learning about their career journeys and their insight into the things they believe have led to their successful careers.’‘The Professional Coaching has helped me to build an understanding of my career goals and given me the confidence and tools needed to set the wheels in motion to act on these goals.’
‘The guest speakers have also been interesting. The reflective aspect of the program is also good as it allows the cohort to pause and think about their day to day activities and future ambitions in a concrete way.’‘(What I found helpful and valuable was) Getting a holistic perspective on how the system works, including some of the more unspoken rules of the APS. Particularly appreciated the openness and honesty of the various presenters.’‘A holistic overview of the public sector, coming from the perspective of a smaller agency having involvement in this course has been incredibly useful to learn from peers and mentors/superiors to gain a bigger-picture insight into the inner working of governments generally.’